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Lucy Weasley by Emiline729
Lucy Weasley
Lucille Ginevra Weasley, named after her Maternal Grandmother and Aunt on her father's side (her twin is named Molly Natasha who's named after her paternal Grandma and Aunt on her mother's side) she's sweet and timid though she's one of the most stubborn kids you'll ever meet. She enjoys helping people (even people who might not want her help) and generally is a nice and caring girl. Behind all of that is a determined young girl who yearns to prove her worth and to claw her way out from her families (rather large) shadow.
Kibahina pups by Emiline729
Kibahina pups
or just Kiba's pups if you're that obsessed with canon... I think I'm getting better at Narustyle and I actually named these little guys~ to tell you the truth I just really love the Inuzuka clan and want to play a bit with a headcanon for them^^

Amaya- 15ish, a chunin, calm and thoughtful she's more analytical then her family members. She's a strong fighter who isn't easily struck down.
Hironori- always the biggest and slowest dog in his year, he held a strong belief he'd never be picked by anyone in the Inuzuka clan, that is until Amaya came along on her twelfth birthday with an open heart. they've had an unbreakable bond ever since.

Haruki- 13/14, chunin, outwardly looks fairly calm but truthfully he's a bit of a hot head who is easy to get worked up (all internally of course) he's really obsessed with perfection and would spend days perfecting his fighting (perfecting everything actually...) if his family let him.
Miki- she's a faithful companion to Haruki and makes sure he's well rested and well fed.

Hoshi- 12, genin but not for long!! alot like her daddy she's primal and scrappy and enjoys a good fight... particularly with Haruki who she enjoys teasing and bothering the most.
Kaoru- he's still a pup but works hard to protect Hoshi. he was the runt of the litter and when Hoshi went to pick out a pup he caught her attention, she's fairly tiny for her age so she felt a bond with the little guy who all the other pups seemed to pick on.

Yuzuki- 8, sweet and caring she hopes to work as a vet in her clans kennels like her aunt Hana who she spends most of her time with. she hasn't decided if she wants to continue with her ninja training, she has no stomach for violence but she hates to disappoint her parents by quitting.
Kaede- not actually Yuzuki's but they get along fairly well, she's the Inuzuka's oldest dog and acts as the "boss" and looks after the pups who lose their mothers.
LeeSaku child by Emiline729
LeeSaku child
because I've never really been into SasuSaku and I rather love Rock Lee... their kids would be powerful little gumdrops with bushy eyebrows and adorable pink hair (with a great fashion sense!) might line and color later^^
Olive Branch by Emiline729
Olive Branch
Molly taking a moment to not be a little brat to Lucy because Vickie taught her and the other girls how to braid hair- she'll go back to normal once she's done practicing.
Wotters 2015 WIP by Emiline729
Wotters 2015 WIP
Just playing around with the ages and designs of the Weasley/Potter/Lupin crew as they would be in 2015 (two years until Albus starts school) :)
Teddy- the cool guy that all of the boys look up to and all of the girls sorta have crushes on (some more then others) he's seventeen here and is going on to being a Auror.
Victoire "Vickie"- just fifteen, she's the envy of all the girls in school, they tend to bully and spread rumors about her. She's sweet nonetheless and usually at the top of her classes. She's hoping to go into wand making after Hogwarts.
Fred- a mischievous little snake that enjoys coming up with crafty little schemes with his bestfriends James Potter and Chester Jordan. unlike James, he's fairly brilliant and thoughtful, he's fairly protective of family members and friends (not to say they won't fall victim of his planks though)
James- he's more obnoxious if anything, if he doesn't have Fred around he's just be a bully who does more name calling then pranks. He likes teasing Al mostly and usually is fairly protective of Lily.
Rose- a regular prodigy really, she smart, cute, athletic. She mostly protects Al from James (and anyone who messes with Al really) she's just over all really cool and popular with everyone she meets.
Al- insecure and shy, Al usually stays in Rose's shadow. He enjoys reading and watching the clouds.
Dominique "Nicky"- a pretty little princess who is sweet and loving. She loves flowers and spends most of her time around them.
lily- she's a spunky little tomboy who looks up to her cousin Rose. her best friend (soulmate really) is Hugo who she is around 24/7.
Hugo- He's not as cool and popular as Rose, he kind of has a complex about his hair as well. He enjoys learning and is secretly insanely competitive though he's not naturally smart like Rose so he tends to work super hard just to keep up with her. He keeps Lily in check and out of danger.
Roxanne- brilliant and helpful, she gets along well with everyone and generally sticks up for any and everyone of her cousins. She's closest to Nicky and ended up going into Hufflepuff later on because of it.
Louis- a spoiled little brat who annoys everyone except Molly. he enjoys picking on Lucy and Roxy the most though he'll bug anyone depending on how bored he is.
Molly- She craves attention and tends to get fussy when she's not the center of attention. She picks of Lucy and goes out of her way to make sure her parents only focus on her.
Lucy- the youngest Wotter, she's small and meek and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She grew up in the shadows of her family, watching them grow and go off to Hogwarts, waiting for a chance to break free of her twins cruel treatment. she's caring none the less and will go out of her way to help others but there's still that little need of hers to do something on her own, to be someone.

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