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101 Dalmatians part 2 by Emiline729 101 Dalmatians part 2 by Emiline729
hey, it's been a while!

so part two of my attempt at the Dals', at first I'd just planned to keep it six but then was like "hey, I have nothing else planned, why not do them all!!!" which might end up happening or quite possibly will end up sort of like fifty... either way, it's the intention right?
anyways if I keep it up I'll only have to do roughly 16 of these pics to get 101!
oh and I plan to redo part 1 because I keep looking at it and getting annoyed with it...

Cadpig- I almost didn't put her in because I'd had this groundless hatred for the cartoon... that is until I actually watched the episodes and remembered why exactly I actually loved Dalmatians and the cartoon as a kid... she's fun and spunky and pretty much from outer space!
Penny- I really loved the promo art for the cartoon series and Penny's design was so possitivly adorable^^ I wanted to keep that but also keep her movie self as well.
Freckles- I have an unnatural love for giving my characters freckles so drawing this little guy was bound to happen whether I continued with the rest of the Dals or not! a laid back wise cracker, he's good pals with Rolly who he likes to laze around with.
Whizzer- I didn't want him and Patch to be to much alike but well... I'd like to think of Whizzer as more of a pain in the butt though, he's the type who'll do the opposite of what you tell him simply beecause he feels like he's being dared. He has a bit of a chip on his shoulder when it comes to his bladder problem, probably why he's such a punk.
Rolly- He likes food and spending his days watching the clouds. soft both inside and out he's everyone's favorite cuddle bug (also first time drawing a sandwich...)
Inky- I'm running out of Cannon dogs so I just kinda picked a name and went with it (also Ink is my good friend's nickname so this one's a bit dear to my heart <3) she's showy and flashy and is a bit of a pain as well.
Mechenuy Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
always loved Cadpig
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January 21, 2015
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